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ASTRUSO was born of a love for art & photography & combined with a passion to help others live their best life.
At ASTRUSO we provide personalized Neurosculpting® and Health Coach Services in group, corporate and private settings. By using the power of Neurosculpting to over come limiting thought patterns and beliefs and having the tools to successfully navigate high stress situations plus the addition of personalized health coach services, including diet education, eating right for the brain and body and finding an exercise program that fits into one's schedule and interests, not only is one's work productivity increased and more effective but just as importantly one's personal life satisfaction and happiness is increased as well.
ASTRUSO also produces beautiful photography, art and sustainable living products and a focus on distributing Happy and Healthy Wellness Information which is available to everyone! Our goal is to see the world a Happier, Healthier and more beautiful place all the way from the business end to the personal end.

  Thoughts have power;

Thoughts are energy;

And you can make your world

or break it.

by your own thinking.

- Susan Taylor




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