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  Thoughts have Power;

Thoughts are Energy;

And you can make your World

or break it.

by your own thinking.

- Susan Taylor




ASTRUSO was born of an insatiable love for life & grew out of desire to help other live their best life.

Astruso provide's personalized Life Coaching, Neurosculpting® and Health Coach Services in group, corporate and private settings.

The goal is to see the world a Happier, Healthier and more beautiful place, 

from the business end to the personal end. Basically the goal is to help as many others reach their goals as possible!


By teaching easy and effective tools our clients learn how to successfully navigate health & wellness, healing, professional development, personal development & life in general with peace, grace & calm.  And in a manner that will stick for life.    

Astruso focuses on health & life coaching with a holistic approach. No crazy shakes or diets, no intense workout programs that you will burnout on. This is healthy tailored for real life and real taste buds. Healthy food can taste good! Promise! 


  The tools, support and accountability system are designed to truly help the lifestyle changes & new mindset stick for life. It's a marathon not a sprint and it's a pleasure to be a part of your journey. 

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