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ASTRUSO was born of an insatiable love for life & grew out of desire to help other live their best life.

At ASTRUSO we provide personalized Life Coaching, Neurosculpting® and Health Coach Services in group, corporate and private settings.

Our goal is to see the world a Happier, Healthier and more beautiful place, 

from the business end to the personal end.


We teach you specific, trademarked tools to successfully navigate healing, personal wellness, high stress situations & life in general with peace, grace & calm. Plus assist with personal self-improvement, professional development, goal development & achieving your dreams by developing a system of goal setting, personal motivation & accountability that is tailored to YOU & your individual psyche.   

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  Thoughts have power;

Thoughts are energy;

And you can make your world

or break it.

by your own thinking.

- Susan Taylor




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