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About Astruso

Living Dreams & Loving Life, Every Step of The Way. 

 ASTRUSO brings to life the art of joyous & healthy living, personal & professional development by educating others through Neurosculpting ®, Life & Career Coaching, Business & Professional Development,  combined with a Holistic approach to Health & Nutrition Coaching.

Born of a deep love & passion to help others, ASTRUSO provides Health & Wellness services and products which are full of joy, hope and empowerment. AND Customized to Your Specific Needs & Desires. 

Believing that not only is there is no dream unattainable, but that the journey to attaining that dream should be as happy and enjoyable as attaining the dream itself. ASTRUSO offers up the tools & structures needed,  for one to take control of their journey and their dreams.  So that they may not only work towards their goals and dreams but live successfully and well while doing so.  

At Astruso, We believe that Every Single Person is Worthy of Defining, Following and Finding their dreams and living life to the Fullest! The keys to overcoming our own self-limiting beliefs and thought patterns reside within each and every one of us, and with the right guidance and education,  we may unlock the dream of living a happy & fulfilling life. 

About Astruso Services & Tools

About Emily Geisler

The Force Behind Astruso


A life long entrepreneur, Emily started her first business at the tender age of 6 years old. Unfortunately at around the same time she also experienced sexual trauma resulting in PTSD that would forever transform her life. After a very rocky start, filled with a wide array of mental health diagnosis's and pharmaceutical "solutions"  it wasn't until she was in her mid thirties that she was introduced to Neurosculpting along with a handful of other incredibly powerful, life changing tools.

After a very rocky start, filled with a wide array of mental health diagnosises and pharmatcuetical "solutions"  it wasn't until she was in her mid thirties that she was introduced to Neurosculpting along with a handful of other incredibly powerful, life changing tools. Those, coupled with determination and dedication she was able to transform her life from a phycological, drug adducted mess to successful entrepreneur with a multi figure income and serving clients and communities around the world. 

In her passion for helping others she built Astruso, as a means of sharing the tools and tips which she found successful to help others find their own path in their own way in this life. 

Emily is now a certified Neurosculpting Facilitator and also a Certified Health Coach with a huge passion for helping others to find and live their best life.  Educating and guiding others in the Neurosculpting Process and helping them to regain control over their life is a joy both for her and her clients. 


She is super compassionate, personable, friendly, calming & sincere. The many benefits of Neurosculpting have profoundly impacted her. She is truly a walking testimony of the reality of Why Neurosculpting is important and How much it can Transform one's life. 

With first-hand experience in many traditional western therapies and medical practices for her diagnosis she found through personal life experience that nontraditional therapies and modalities were much more effective in managing her illnesses. When she discovered Neurosculpting her life transformed in a matter of months in ways that doctors had said would probably never happen. Getting certified to share this powerful modality was the logical next step.


Aside from her Neurosculpting Practice, Emily volunteers regularly for a number of different non-profit organizations.  She is also working on her P.A.T.H. Intl. Certification so she may continue to help others with equine activities and horse based therapies. She devotes her spare time to her family as well as her love for Art and Design, utilizing her talents to inspire healing, happiness and whimsy through all aspects of her work and life.

“I love helping others learn about Neurosculpting and become aware of just how much power and control we truly have over our own health and quality of life. It means so much to me because I’ve been there. I’ve been told that there was no hope. No cure. That I was Broken. For LIFE. Not only did NS teach me that I am not Broken, but it gave me the tools I needed to control and overcome what so many doctors told me I never would. Not only does NS give one hope, but it gives you the tools to achieve it and so much more.” 

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