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Welcome to my food blog and thank you so much for joining me here.


I am an avid foodie and home cook, I inherited my love for good food and home cooking and baking from my amazing Grandmother. I have combined my love of good food with my love and quest for eating as healthily and deliciously as possible. I have studied and implemented a wide variety of diets throughout the years.


When I was younger the goal was for weight loss. Now that I am older I eat for optimum emotional AND physical health. In other words I seriously stick to food recipes and combinations that literally help keep me happy. I am gluten intolerant as well as lactose intolerant so most of the recipes on here will be gluten and lactose free. Though I admit I'm not perfect and I might break from time to time and post an old family recipe that has gluten or lactose in it.  

Enjoy and don't be shy. I love to hear feedback and comments.

Be Blessed and Be Well! 

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Em's Happy Recipes

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