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 Neurosculpting® is a 5-step meditation process that can strategically help an individual release the grip of old patterns and entrain their brain to creating new and more supportive patterns, habits and behaviors.  

- Neurosculpting® was developed as a method to support self-directed neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to transform, through the union of neuroscience and meditation practices to aid in the down-regulation of chronic CNS (Central Nervous System) arousal states.

- Unique to the Neurosculpting® methodology is its methodical structure and intentional whole-brain engagement designed to support the management of stress through specific languaging, and simultaneously up-regulate focused attention through life practices including brain-specific nutrition.

-Neurosculpting® uses self-directed neuroplasticity to support re-patterning. Train your brain with the 5-step Neurosculpting process:

         -Step One: Down-regulates hyperactive stress activity and an engagement with                                parasympathetic response.

         -Step Two: Enhances focused attention to support with emotional regulation.

         -Step Three: Increases the activity between our analytical self and our intuitive                                   feeling self.

         -Step Four: Links somatosensory, bodily sensation-based, engagement to                                             perceptual shifts in patterns.

         -Step Five: Enables the user to easily identify and replicate the process in                                            day-to-day activities.

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