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Em's Project Happy

 Em's Project Happy is my way to give back, to share with others who are on the search for happiness.  I'm not a doctor or a mental health professional. Just a girl who found happiness and contentedness when it was deemed by doctor after doctor for decades that she would never feel or think like a "normal" person and probably never be truly happy because of her constant mental sruggles.  I had been told repeatedly that my brain was broken and this was just how I was. 

And am I so glad I did NOT listen to them. 

This is not a blog about the various tools and life practices I combine to create my toolbox of emotional happiness and peace. Things still go wrong and I certainly don't respond perfectly in every situation. However, I do manage stressors much better now. I no longer dwell on and am mentally barraged by my own thoughts for days and weeks on end. The more that I work on myself the more I continue to improve and not only increase my own happiness but now help others to increase theirs as well.  So welcome to my Project Happy. 

If you'd like to be added to the Project Happy mailing list for monthly emails with Project Happy updates be sure to drop you email into our contact box and include Project Happy in the message. 

Or you can follow us on Instagram at Sogno_Astruso

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